About me

Graeme Smit

I am an Australian watercolour artist based in Busselton, one of the most popular tourist venues in the south west of Western Australia.

For many years I have practiced and had a passion for watercolour as a painting medium. It tends to have a mind of its own used in wet in wet applications, adding to spontaneity, capturing moody atmospheric effects, as well as producing attractive visual impact. In short, watercolour is a fantastic medium to paint with as it requires a mental focus which takes us into relaxation as part of getting a visual result. Mastering watercolour as a medium is certainly about knowing how to use moisture levels in paper, brush and palette which obviously comes with practice, practice and more practice.

I completed formal courses in drawing and watercolour painting through TAFE Colleges near Perth, Western Australia. Also I acquired valuable knowledge through attending watercolour workshops run by skilled watercolourists such as Robert Wade, Tony Smibert and Joseph Zbukvic. My main source of tuition came through a dear friend of mine, Walter Tyrell, a skilled Western Australian watercolourist who was always generous in sharing his knowledge by practical demonstrations.

Many of my paintings are rural in composition which stems from a farming background, as well as being employed with the Western Australian Department of Agriculture for many years and a love for the Australian bushland. Hence my observation of the landscape in various forms with changing conditions of light, shadow, and tonal values has proved to be valuable. I have been fortunate in being able to travel overseas with my wife so this also is reflected in various works such as Venice and New Zealand compositions.

Early in my painting days I entered two exhibitions and was fortunate enough to win a first prize in one. However the time involved process of entering exhibitions was short lived, as I preferred to maximise time spent in the joy of painting. This has led to selling artwork by producing prints from original paintings.

I enjoy running watercolour painting workshops for students and have been engaged in this for several years around Perth and regional areas of Western Australia.

I hope you enjoy my print gallery and for those thinking about a journey into watercolour painting, could I encourage you to attend some watercolour tuition by experienced artists and follow your dream.